Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big News

I had planned to write a blog about J and my day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday to see the Moto GP races.  I was enormously pregnant, the baby seemed to like the sound of the motorcycles flying past, and there are various hilarious pictures of me perched precariously atop a motorcycle and holding a giant turkey leg.  However, LO decided that he was ready to take my eviction notice seriously, and he arrived early--Tuesday August 31, at 6:17 am.

I am, understandably, a little snockered right now.  Just some highlights:  I was having contractions that were very far apart all day Monday, but was in deep denial.  There was laundry to be done, dinners to make and freeze, and unpacking still to do.  After J and I had supper, he noticed that my discomfort seemed to be rhythmic and started timing me.  Yep, I was in labor.  I decided to sack out on the couch and watch The Big Lebowski, thinking it would feel good to both lie down and laugh.  I didn't do much of either, even though at the time, I was still thinking I might have a good 24 hours before the hospital was an option.  We finally called our doula around 9:30, and when she arrived at 10:30, I was ready to be in the hospital.

They took me into what looked like a broom closet with a bed to get my vital signs, and I asked nervously if that was where I was going to stay.  It was NOT on the hospital tour.  I was assured there was no bait-and-switch going on, and I was soon escorted to the room where I stayed until today.  Despite my decision ahead of time to be drug-free/natural, I was asking for something narcotic or possibly alcoholic by 1:00 am.  They gave me something wonderful that let me doze in a loopy state for about 30 minutes, and apparently I was babbling something about Harry Potter and Niagara Falls.  After that, all hell broke loose, and I seriously considered bagging the whole labor/delivery/having a baby thing and going home.  J reminded me on several of the occasions wherein I expressed that opinion that it was too late to back out now, and could I please breathe?  (Actually, it was more yelling at me to breathe, but it was effective in any case).

I can't tell you much of what happened after that, because I was not in the same room/planet with the rest of the people who observed LO's birth.  You could tell me that the Pope, Barack Obama and Jon Stewart were all present at the birth, and I would have no choice but to believe you.  At some point, everyone in the room got very excited and told me to push hard, and imagine my surprise when they handed me a baby a moment later.  I was thinking they were just being nice.

LO is remarkably well-haired, tiny, and constantly hungry.  He has J's nose and expressive mouth, and beautiful blue-gray eyes that will probably change color.  There are 10 fingers and 10 toes, and everything appears to be in working order.

We are now back at home, and my two boys are both sleeping the sleep of the weary and just while I catch up on 3 days of no internet.  (I don't know how I survived!)  (And by the way, I did take a nap, too.  I just woke up ahead of my boys).

Watch this blog for further funny/weird/exciting/interesting/etc minutiae of being a new SAHMnambulist.