Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things LO Thinks Are Funny

A non-exhaustive list:

1. Asking "Can you say Daddy?"
2. Saying very sternly "No biting Mama!"
3. Throwing a ball in the air.
4. The cat licking herself.
5. Getting from laying down to standing. (Only when he does so. It's apparently not that funny when others do it).
6. Daddy appearing around corners.
7. Random air molecules above his swing.
8. The dog licking him.
9. Big kids.
10. Jon Stewart.


  1. I thought Avery was the only demon child who gives huge smiles when I scold him for biting me. Seriously wondering about this kid when he gets older!

  2. I like the order; especially 1,2, then "throwing ball in air" and also the cat licking favorites!