Monday, October 29, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

If you recall, we decided that LO would go as Felix Baumgartner for Halloween:
Image courtesy of Sporthotel Achental
We got to test out the costume at the local Boo at the Zoo, a yearly event at the park/zoo across the street from our neighborhood.

Even though the sweatshirt we bought to approximate Felix's suit was miles too big for LO, he was still raring to show off his costume, including the parachute:
We had to cool our jets for a few minutes at the local fairy princess's house, as her royal baby brother (aka a tiny pumpkin) was not quite done his post-snack-pre-dinner evening meal:

Felix and his fairy princess friend were kind enough to take a single photograph together to please their adoring fans, although they were both much more interested in the chocolate chip cookies that were being bandied about with a wild lack of inhibition:
Pictured: What 2-year-old cynicism looks like.

We entered LO into the under 3-year-old costume contest, thinking that the ridiculous effort that went into his costume--unclear though it may be to the average observer--might be impressive to the judges:
Unfortunately, no one even asked what he was supposed to be. I'm thinking we should have ironed-on an image of Felix, instead of just including this image on LO's back:
Sadly, all the excitement proved a little too much for our little daredevil (who had also forgone a nap that afternoon), and he fell asleep while we waited for the train ride through the park. Dad was kind enough to give the young skydiver a lift home:
Thankfully, LO will have another opportunity to amaze and impress on Wednesday. Here's hoping people will figure out what the heck he's supposed to be.

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