Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Is Why We Couldn't Wait For Him To Talk

LO has been saying unbearably cute things lately.

A couple of weeks ago, J was holding LO and BB on his lap one day and LO patted his little brother on the head and said, "Look at beautiful BB!"
Yesterday, I started making an omelet for breakfast. LO likes helping me cook, and he especially likes eggs because he knows that you crack them. (He is NOT happy with me when I'm making hard-boiled eggs). He cracked the first egg into the bowl (that is, he very gently hit it against the side of the bowl and then had me finish cracking it for him), and then told me "You do it," with the second egg. After adding it to the bowl, he told me "Good job, Mom!!"

I'm working on teaching LO to make his bed every morning when he wakes up. Yesterday was a particularly hectic morning, and we forgot about it. Last night, when J put LO to bed, apparently LO was quite unhappy about his unmade bed: "It's broken, Daddy! Fix it!"

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