Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Enunciation is Important

LO has been singing The Wheels on the Bus quite a bit lately. (It was part of his transportation and vehicle unit at preschool.)

This morning, as he "helped" me make the bed, I asked if he wanted to sing. We quickly exhausted the details of the infamous bus that I knew:

Wheels that go round and round
A driver that goes "Move on back."
People that go up and down
A baby that goes "Wah wah wah" with accompanying crying motions.
A mom that goes "Shh shh shh."

So I asked LO, "Who else is on the bus?"

"The whore on the bus," he replied.

"The whore?" I repeated.

He began to sing: "The whore on the bus goes..."

And at that interesting juncture, he lost interest.

"Say whaaaaaaa?"