Thursday, August 5, 2010


The floor refinishers are sanding the upstairs floor. I cannot think. I cannot read. I cannot sleep. (Not that I would with strangers in the house, but I'd be tempted). Unfortunately, pretty much everything I need to accomplish today must be done in the house.


Let me tell you, trying to write while flooring guys are going about their business is twelve methods of impossible.


  1. I can't believe you're even in the house while they're working - loud, dusty, dusty, and dusty! Are you going to stain the floors or leave them blonde?

  2. They're REALLY good about containing the dust, and there's a door that shuts off the upstairs from the first floor. So the loud aspect is the only thing to worry about. We are staining the floor, but it's just to match the light stain that's already downstairs. It's going to take forever, though, because we're using the non-dullard-child-producing water-based stain rather than the quicker, potentially we won't have to worry about college costs for the kid oil-based stuff. We'll post pics on FB as soon as we have them.