Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things For Which I Am thankful (Belated):

1.  A husband who will make an emergency run to the drug store on Thanksgiving day for Gatorade and ginger ale because his wife was up worshipping the porcelain goddess the night before.
2.  A clean porcelain goddess.
3.  Already having all the necessary ingredients to make matzo ball soup when one finds oneself tangoing with a stomach bug on Thanksgiving Day.
4.  Liking to cook, so that once one realizes that one is already making soup, roasting the turkey (as it was already in the brine and it would be dangerous to leave it there) and making the stuffing (as it had many of the same ingredients as the soup and went in the oven with the turkey), one might as well go ahead and cook Thanksgiving dinner while still wearing the maternity pajamas with the saggy waistband where the preg-belly tested the limits of elastic tensile strength.
5.  Having a husband who is still loving and willing to make ginger ale runs, despite having seen said pajamas in the cold light of day.
6.  The fact that, as much they are loved and cherished, no extended family was visiting when all the previously mentioned activities were going on.  Even wearing "company" pajamas might have been too much this year.
7. A beautiful, sweet and smiley son.
8.  The times when said beautiful, sweet and smiley son is sleeping.
9.  Particularly since those times have been few and far between in the past day.  The kid was awake for nearly 12 hours yesterday.
10.  Having a mechanically inclined husband around to take care of car issues as they arise.  Like, for example, when the alternator goes out while an exhausted couple is taking their perpetually wakeful three-month-old for a calming car ride around Lafayette, resulting in a car that sputters to a stop at a Wendy's when both members of the couple have forgotten their cell phones at home.
11.  AAA
12.  Crispy chicken nuggets and french fries.
13.  A child who is so interested in new activities (like seeing a tow truck for the first time) that he forgets to cry because he is STILL AWAKE.
14.  Being able to find a new alternator in Lafayette on short notice and having the tools to take care of replacing the bad one.  (To be sure, I'M not doing this, but I'm thankful that it is able to be done right out of our own personal garage).
15. Leftovers!

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