Sunday, January 2, 2011


2011, I'm so pleased to meet you!  You're the 32nd year that I have rung in, and I have a good feeling about how you and I will get along.  Considering you're not an election year, we're already getting off on the right foot.  Well done, you.  I do, however, have a few requests based on some of my experiences with my previous years.  I understand you can't make me any promises, but if you could do your best to learn from your predecessors' mistakes, I'd greatly appreciate it.

First, if you could try to be somewhat less tumultuous than 2010, I think everyone in the B household would feel more relaxed.  2010 saw us quitting and/or changing jobs, moving to Indiana, trying to sell a house, almost buying one house, actually buying another house, living in a terrible sublet, having a baby, buying a 17 year old car, selling a nine year old car, and learning what happens when a possessive cat is angry about the arrival of a new baby.  (It doesn't smell pretty).  While in one very special way 2010 is the best year I've ever had--I have LO now because of it--I'm also glad that all of that change is no longer in my future.  So, 2011, we would appreciate a slower pace.  (Oh, and for the house in Columbus to sell).

Next, if you could be somewhat more financially secure than 2005, that would be awesome.  Six years ago I was in graduate school, living on student loans, when in quick succession I had to move into a more expensive apartment, my car was totaled by a 13-year old who went joy-riding in a cargo truck, and my trusty laptop gave up the ghost in the middle of me writing a paper.  I don't expect you to be nearly so financially stressful, 2011--and to be fair to 2005, I can laugh about all of it now.  I'll do my best to stay on top of our finances and earn my family title of Moneysaver General.  But if you could keep any money curveballs from hitting us until after the house sells (or keep them from coming altogether), my retirement account and LO's college fund will be much happier beasts.

Finally, it's unlikely that you'll make any of the mistakes of 2001-2003, when unhealthy choices were much more tempting to me.  During the years I was 22-24, alcohol, swiss cake rolls, and late nights were very common.  I somehow doubt that you will present me with many opportunities for any of these, but if you could keep them out of my way in general, I'd appreciate it.  Other than the Little Debbies, I'm not particularly tempted by any of them anymore--after all, I really am no longer 22--but it's still nice to know that I have a field clear of unhealthy choices.

So, 2011, if you'll humor me in trying to keep things calm, secure and healthy, I will do my best to take it easier on myself, keep my money in order, and make healthy choices.  Since it's so much easier if we meet in the middle.

Oh, and if you could keep the creep of 2012 politicking from entering your borders, I think everyone would be thrilled!

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