Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sling, Sling, Sling

LO went undercover this weekend. At the Broad Ripple Art Fair in Indianapolis, the child (code name: Infant Starshine) wrapped himself and his carrier in camouflage in the hopes of passing incognito through the throngs of art and/or fair food enthusiasts. Unfortunately, he failed miserably. Everywhere we went, we had the following conversation:

Art and/or fair food enthusiast: Oh, look how adorable.
LO: You can't see me! I'm camouflaged!
Aa/oFFE: I can't believe how alert he is!
LO: I'm trying to figure out how to infiltrate the adult infrastructure. Tell me the purpose of this contraption here.
Aa/oFFE: I think he likes the sculptures.
LO: [drooling on a $2500 piece.]

I will say that the camouflage sling did perform part of its duty. I nominally bought the Moby wrap in camo because I wanted to make sure J didn't feel weird wearing it. (As he remarked after I said this--"Yeah, you bought the camouflage for ME." Yes, yes. I love me some ironic camouflage.) However, it does help with a gender identity issue that we have been encountering lately. LO has inherited the long eyelashes of both his progenitors. (This is the only plus side to the fact that we will be buying him Schicks for his 8th birthday.) These eyelashes give him Disney eyes, making people a little confused about his sex when he is not wearing log-splitting, football-tossing, flame-throwing, motorcycle-riding MANLY man onesies.

When LO is being worn in the desert camo (that does nothing to hide his presence in a group of Hoosiers), he is generally assumed to be a boy. Not that I really care when people call him "she," but LO gets a little sensitive about it. Sometimes he can be such a baby.

Luckily for his parents (and the rest of the adult community), LO did not discover the secret to world domination while we admired jewelry, art and deep-fried twinkies. (He in fact fell asleep in the sling. I'm not sure how ambitious he is when it comes right down to it.) Once we got back to his lair within the volcano, we hung the camouflage sling back on its hook and LO returned to being prince of his small dominion. The world will wait. At least until he's gotten some better spy skills.

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