Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What We Need Here is a Cardboard Box

I'm a man on the move!

Mobility has opened up a brand new world for LO. He is now able to explore the kitchen and bathroom, terrorize the cats, and find all the home hazards that he shouldn't be able to access (aren't those little socket plugs supposed to be DIFFICULT to remove? Taking them out is his new favorite game), but LO has also found a wonderful new source of food--floor snacks.

I was prepared to realize that I ought to sweep and mop more often once LO became a crawler, but apparently my level of housekeeping is rivaling that of a nearsighted frat brother. The snacks that LO has been finding on the floor tend to be the foods that LO himself throws on the floor, but one would assume that I pick those foods up before the child has a chance to discover a delicious morsel hiding out just under the couch.

One would be wrong.

The solution, of course, is to find a way to immobilize the child.

And you thought I'd suggest cleaning more often. Oh, you're funny.

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