Monday, October 17, 2011

Child-Related Idioms I Now Understand

"Huh! You really do learn something new every day."

1. Rugrat. Perhaps it has something to do with the scuttling motion LO makes as he crawls around on the floor. Perhaps it's the joy with which he regards floor snacks that have long overstayed the 5 second rule level of cleanliness. Perhaps it's the ease with which he shares the day care plagues he picks up. But it now makes sense to me why little humans are compared to large rodents.

2. Little pitchers have big ears.
Well, just look at them:
Also, the child's first word is likely to be something unprintable. And of course, he'll have learned it from watching me.

3. The child is the father of the man. You tell me--which of these two punims is the face of a responsible adult?

4. Clinging to mother's skirts. Even though I rarely wear skirts, LO does seem bound and determined to cling to whatever garments are clothing my nether limbs as he is teaching himself to stand. This can be painful when I'm wearing shorts and the child is scrabbling for traction on my bare legs. I really need to clip his nails more often.

5. Sleep like a baby. It's not as peaceful as it sounds.

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  1. So true on all points! Of course no explanation required on "Sleep like a baby". Until I had kids, I had no idea anyone could wake up so many times a night!!! Still waiting for baby #2 to sleep through the night. Argh!