Wednesday, October 12, 2011


"Oops, she did it again."

1. Today, Whitney Houston's 80s ballad "The Greatest Love of All" came on the radio as LO and I were out running errands. At the line "I believe the children are our future," I had my usual smart-ass thought of No, Whitney, I'm going to count on the cats for our future. But I immediately afterward found myself tearing up at the thought of teaching LO well and letting him lead the way and showing him all the beauty he possesses inside. Real tears welled. Later on, I belted out "The greatest love OF ALL is happening to MEEEEEEEE!" along with Ms. Houston. I blame the recent spate of sleeplessness.

2. It has been long enough since the last time I did laundry from start to finish (I can manage to do one of the following laundry related tasks per three or four days--gather up the clothes, sort the clothes, run the washer, run the dryer, fold the clothes, put the clothes away--which means we are in a constant state of "Where the hell are my socks?!!") that there are no longer any (adult) towels available for drying oneself off after a shower. I've been drip-drying, but my ever resourceful husband decided to co-opt this towel of LO's for after his morning ablutions.

Sorry, honey. I'll get on the laundry issue right away.

3. LO has discovered the joys of peanut butter. That's not to say that he's been eating it. He's found that it makes a lovely foundation/moisturizer/conditioner for every square inch of his body and head. He is also completely and utterly averse to having his face/hands/neck/arms/ears/feet/knees/toes/etc/ad infinitum wet-wiped after a "meal." I have decided to let the peanut-butter smothered child sit on the dog's bed and just let nature take its course. LO smelling like dog breath seems like a small price to pay for a clean child sans screaming.

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  1. I'm laughing at the thought of the dog bath....because I was known to allow the same thing when Lil was a babe.