Monday, October 24, 2011

How Babies Are Like Cats

1. They have an incredible ability to take over an entire Queen-size bed, despite weighing less than 20 pounds.
2. "I'm up! Take care of me! Stop grumbling about it being the middle of the night. I'm delightful."
3. They expect you to take care of their waste and be damned grateful for the opportunity.
4. Taking a crap causes some sort of major flip out.
5. Privacy is foreign concept: "Whatcha doin in the bathroom? Can I come in?"
6. They feel no qualms about putting their butts in your face, particularly first thing in the morning.
7. After you have bought an entire case of the new food they liked last week, they turn their noses up at it this week leaving you with a case of inedible-to-adult-humans food.
8. You can only snuggle with them on their terms. Don't try it when you're feeling cuddly.
9. If you don't keep an eye on them, they'll eat the dog food right out from under the far-too-nice-for-his-own-good dog's nose.
10. Don't leave yarn, toilet paper or a magazine around either of them if you have any plans to make use of those items.

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  1. omg this is so true! why do kids feel the need to unravel a whole roll of toilet paper then eat it?!