Monday, December 19, 2011

A Generous Spirit

"Can I offer you a goldfish?"

One lovely aspect of LO's personality is his willingness to share his food with anyone and everyone. You hand him a peanut butter cracker, and he immediately holds it to your lips, grinning, letting you have the first bite. Or he offers it to the dog, grinning, letting him have the entire cracker. Yesterday, at breakfast, LO kept dipping a fork into an empty cup and then holding the fork to J's lips to feed him, narrowly avoiding a miniature fork-induced bloodbath several times. It was as charming as it was harrowing.

Unfortunately, we are confirmed germambivalents (as opposed to germaphobes) and LO is a baby and has not yet discovered the germ theory of disease. This means that among the treats LO will offer you (and will not take no for answer while waiting for you to chew with overstated vim) are: ABG crackers (that is, Already Been Gummed), floor snacks, diaper strawberries, and food that both he and the dog have rejected after having had it in their mouths.

I ask you, is it any wonder that everyone in the B household has a head stuffed full of mucous as we speak?

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