Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Thoughts

Ever since my mom's been in the hospital, I've been terribly scattered. Everyone reacts differently to bad news, and my reaction tends to be to pull the covers over my head and wait for it to go away. If there is anyone I haven't responded to via email or phone, please know that it's not personal. I'm just doing my best impression of an ostrich. I sometimes even take this to its logical conclusion--just ask my college roommate Erika about the night I got so upset I sat in my closet for a little while to calm down. (And she's still friends with me. Go figure!)

In any case, I'm not able to write out the detailed narratives that my sister has on her blog. But I do have updates about LO and life and the animals, so I thought I'd put together a list:

1. LO has learned how to put his Legos together, but he doesn't quite have the dexterity to line them up every time. The result is a child who is shaking with strain while he pushes the blocks against other, screaming the entire time. The poor kid has both my frustration tolerance and my tenacity. What did the world do to deserve two of me?

2. Yesterday, while I was nursing LO on the couch, there was a gentle thud from the other room. I of course went straight to the assumption that Bonanza had finally succumbed to oldish age and her lifeless body had fallen off her favorite perch on top of the blue chair. Because I'm cheery that way. Then I had an extended fantasy about burying her in the back yard and placing a stone over the spot with the epitaph: "Evil cat. Faithful friend." Somehow, this cheered me up.The cat then sauntered into the room, completely fine. She'll probably live to be 100. I still don't know what made the thud.

3. LO has gone from crying when his shoes are put on his feet to bringing the shoes to us so he can make sure he's always wearing them. He always brings us both shoes and then tries to hop on our laps to facilitate the shoeing. He's also started bringing our shoes to us to put on our own feet. I blame my overenthusiastic explanation that big boys wear shoes. I even pointed out all the big boys and girls wearing (and then taking off and then putting back on again) their shoes while going through TSA during our recent trip. Clearly, the kid is listening to what I say.

4. I'm currently boycotting the library because they had the audacity to fine me. (It's only slightly less ridiculous than it sounds.) The fine isn't what I object to, it was the impression I got that the librarians thought I was an irresponsible asshole. So, proving myself to be an irrational irresponsible asshole, I have declared "NO BOOKS FOR YOU!" to myself, because that'll show the library. Logic--I has it.

5. I'd like to start weaning LO, but I'm not sure how to go about it (see ridiculous library boycott above).

6. All the prayers and thoughts for my mother mean a lot. I hope you all know.

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