Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Hum the Mission Impossible Theme to Yourself

"You can't fool me."

At the Y daycare, there is a little 4-kid stroller/buggy that the daycare employees use to calm ornery babies (ahem) by giving them a little change of scene. LO loves this buggy. Just the possibility of going out for a walk will apparently calm him down when he's having a plateful of crabby with a side of fusspot. They can strap him in and he'll be happy for up to five or ten minutes just sitting there--because a walk is coming!

The only problem with this buggy is that the walks always seem to correspond with when I get done with my workout and I am attempting to sign out and leave the building. We've had some bad experiences of me passing LO in the buggy, where he is happy as a clam until he sees me, at which point he gets even happier and starts bouncing against the buggy safety belt--until he realizes I'm not heading in his direction and there will be no thrilling Mama-LO reunion in the next 30 seconds.

Knowing that the poor lady pushing the buggy around will have to deal with Captain Fussy (because he of course is the one issuing orders on that vessel), I have been trying to avoid letting LO see me when he's out and about on the buggy. This requires some ridiculous moves on my part. I have ducked and crab-walked down a hallway, cut through a basketball game in the gym, and most recently, hidden behind a trashcan that another Y employee was pushing through the hallway.

I imagine that the rest of the Y denizens seeing these performances must assume that I'm completely insane. Thankfully, the staff knows what I'm doing. They will even give me navigational help:

"Head left! Wait, no, they're coming! Get DOWN! Get DOWN! This is not a drill!"

Eventually, I suspect that this will no longer be necessary. But it will make my attempted exits a heck of a lot less fun. Next I want to try one of those come-down-from-the-ceiling cables. Because I don't make nearly enough of a spectacle of myself.


  1. LOL! This is awesome. And the MI theme music was the icing on the cake. :-)

  2. Maybe you should carry some branches with you so that at all times you have ready-made camouflage with you?