Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well, Don't I Feel Sheepish

You know how you struggle with a child who won't sleep through the night, until you get to the point where you just accept the fact that you will be sleep deprived for the rest of your son's childhood and find solace in your new enjoyment of caffeinated beverages, only to put the child to bed in his clothes one night because you were out late at a friend's house for shabbat dinner and the child fell asleep on the way home and it was easier to let him sleep in his clothes and on that night you all miraculously experienced a full night of sleep, which leads to the understanding that your non-sleeping child has actually just been cold since you transitioned him to his own bed because he's such a flop sweater when you co-sleep that you've still just been having him sleep in nothing but a diaper, but apparently that wakes up the chilly child several times a night until you reach said night when the child sleeps fully clothed and it finally occurs to you that your flop sweater who refuses a blanket probably needs a little something to keep him warm and asleep through the night and since that realization you've been putting him to sleep in pajamas and the child has been sleeping through the night for five nights out of every seven and you feel like the biggest dumbass in the world?

Yeah, so that happened.


  1. What if you just put him in his jammies before dinner? We have friends whose kids are in their jammies at, like, 4pm, just so they don't have to go through it all at 7:30.

  2. Nice story ;). Btw, you are not the biggest dumbass in the world. We had multiple similar realizations with our daughter.