Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ridiculously Cute Things LO Has Done This Week

A Top-8 List
1.  Called J at work and had a long and involved conversation of babbling with him, entirely without my knowledge.  I'm still not sure how he managed to dial a real number.  I saw him with the phone to his ear, chatting and giggling away, but I figured he was just playing.  Apparently, he actually managed to reach J on the phone.

2.  Brought me a pile of Q-Tips from the bathroom, one at a time.  He then started using one to "brush" his hair.

3.  Brought me a single shoe and refused to get the second until the first was on his foot.  He was somewhat lopsided in his walk back to shoe #2.

4.  Laughed out loud at both J's and my renditions of There's a Monster at the End of This Book.  We don't know if he could tell that we were attempting a Grover voice, but he liked the performance in any case.

5.  Become super interested in the cherry pitter we use to make fresh cherries a non-choking hazard for him.  He has been placing cherries in the pitter so that he can watch us make it work.  (He stopped actually eating the cherries.  He just wanted to watch the little tool work.)  When there are no cherries available, he's been placing grapes in the pitter.

6.  Crack up at the comments of other pre-verbal babies at daycare.  Apparently, at least he understands their jokes.

7.  Scream "Daddy!" when J walks in the door after work.

8.  Shout "Yay!" when he saw me starting to cut up a mango for our morning smoothie.  (As J puts it, he's selectively verbal).


  1. I read your post and thought that the cute things your
    LO did sounded like stuff my DD does (especially the Q-Tips and greeting Daddy)- then I saw that LO's bday is 8/31/10. DD's is 8/04/10 and she is "selectively verbal" too! Everyone says that as soon as she starts talking (a lot) I'll want her to stop, but I don't think I will!