Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Fail at Self Promotion

"You, yes you! Read/listen to this stuff!"

One of the tough aspects of making one's living on the Internets is the fact that much of what you are doing is self promotion. Yes, yes, I can work hard and find markets and write my rear end off, but the second you ask me to start telling people about what I do, and my response is to wonder why on Earth anyone would be interested.
Which is why I have managed to not promote a couple of cool recent things on this blog. So for all six of you who read SAHMnambulist and don't already know about this stuff, please check it out:

1. I had a guest post on the wonderfully funny blog The Wordslinger last week. It took me over seven days to mention this fact, because, as the title of this post reminds you, I FAIL at self promotion. 
In my guest post, I give advice to new dads for keeping Mama happy. As a side note, Mr. Wordslinger (aka Jim Chaney) and his wife just welcomed their third child Ampersand (not the child's real name) earlier this month. (Since this is baby #3, I think the Wordslinger must be pretty good with the keeping Mama happy plan.)

2. I made my radio debut recently! Okay, I'll admit that I have promoted this one already. But gosh darn it, I'm excited, and I didn't post about it here. On August 4, I was interviewed on a San Francisco based talk radio show about what to look for in a community college. The radio host was under the impression that I knew something about this topic because I wrote this article for one of my money sites. I managed to not sound like a doofus who knew nothing about community colleges, which I regard as a win for my private liberal arts college training in how to research.  Oh, wait...

You can listen to my radio debut here.

3. I'm also sponsoring an Amazon gift card giveaway at my sister blog Live Like a Mensch. You may know that I challenged myself to run 500 miles in 2012, or else I will have to donate $350 to a charity that I can't stand. (If you're curious, feel free to email me to find out what charity it is. But I'm not going to state it publicly. Suffice it to say I will do quite a bit, include run 500 miles, to keep that charity from seeing my money).

Sadly, as of the end of July, I was pretty far behind with only 224 miles for the year. So, I am trying to run 80 miles in the month of August to catch up with my goal. I'm loading an Amazon gift card with $0.50 per every mile I run, and I'll give it away to a random commenter on this post on August 31 (aka, LO's birthday!). So you could theoretically win $40 just by telling me to Run, Forrest, Run!

All this self promotion is starting to make me break out in hives, so I think I'll stop here. If there's any shameless self-promotion you'd like to indulge in, feel free to put it in the comments! Shameless self promotion for all!

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  1. Self promotion can be awkward, but you should be proud of what you're doing!

    Now go run!