Monday, November 5, 2012

A Momentous Occasion

I am pleased to report that LO successfully used the potty yesterday. Twice.
Really, Mom? You're going to blog about this?
J excitedly told me about LO's new skill when I called him on my way home from teaching Sunday school at our Synagogue. Apparently the young man made a point of having a seat on his tiny throne yesterday morning, and refused to be budged even when it appeared that no deposits would be made. He eventually figured out what he was doing and much clapping ensued.

Since J and I are both firm believers in bribery as an important parenting tool, LO was provided with an extra little cup of juice (he's usually limited to no more than two per day) in order to reward him for his potty skills. It also has the added benefit of providing the child with additional opportunities to practice his new abilities.

I arrived home and J told me that he had not emptied out the little potty in case I wanted to see it. Our discussion went a little something like this:

Me: You didn't clean up the pee?
Him: I thought you'd want to see it. Maybe we should take a picture.
Me: We ARE NOT those people. Yes, this is a big day. Yes, we will remember it fondly. If you like, I can write about it in my diary and mark it with a yellow satin ribbon. But there's no need for me to have any visual record of this.
Him: But what are we going to embarrass him with the first time he brings a girl home?
Me: That's why I blog, babe.

LO went on to show off his potty skills for me when it was time to go to bed. He got another little bit of juice for his trouble.

I know that every parent since time immemorial has said this, but nothing in your life prepares you for the real and enthusiastic exultation you feel, and the resulting clapping and jumping up and down you do, when your child starts mastering elimination. It's a combination of excitement over the light at the end of the diaper tunnel, and joy at realizing your little one is becoming more mature.

I'm starting to understand the urge to photograph it.

(Not that I ever will, mind you. I'm just starting to understand.)

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