Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Running Tantrum

LO comes from talented tantrum-throwing stock. At my best (from around age 2 through age 7), I could throw myself on the floor, kick, scream, flail, and wail with the best of them. My tantrum career was tragically cut short when I decided at age 8 that I was too mature for such shenanigans.

It's amazing, however, when your offspring can surpass even your greatest talents, which LO has managed to do.

You see, I merely mastered the classics of throwing a tantrum.

LO is innovative.

He has created what we are now calling the "running tantrum."

Generally this tantrum begins when the dog manages to steal whatever it is that LO is eating. (We will refrain from commenting on the fact that LO usually tries to dissuade Obie from this course of action by hitting the dog in the face with the food. Cause and effect might not yet be LO's strong suit).

LO will begin screaming/crying and running after the dog.

However, what begins as a chase quickly becomes an end in itself as the child starts making hysterical loops around the house screeching his dissatisfaction to the world.

Thankfully, the running tantrum tends to be a fairly quick affair, for all its noise. The child tuckers himself out and he finally has a seat on the floor or a convenient nearby parent while he finally calms down from the horrid injustice of it all.

I can't wait to see what other tantrum innovations are still in store for us. After, he still has another five and a half years before he retires, if he follows in his mama's footsteps.

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