Sunday, June 2, 2013

No Pants Sunday!

LO has decided that pants are optional this Sunday.

This might have something to do with the fact that we are putting him to bed in only a pajama top (and a diaper) lately because of the heat.

But, even though he woke up in just a shirt and a diaper, we dressed the young man in a tee-shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes this morning. (Our standards may be somewhat lax Chez SAHMnambulist, but we do try to teach the child that clothing optional households are not exactly de rigueur in small-town Indiana.)

I then wantonly went off to Target to go grocery shopping. What happened next was a first.

While J worked out in the yard and LO "helped," a new game was invented. That game being "LO takes off his pants and giggles while holding out said pants to Daddy before then throwing the aforementioned pants into the garden shed and then slamming the door."

During the hour and a half that I was shopping, apparently LO won this game handily about four times, at which point J decided that the child did not, in an absolute sense, NEED pants in order to be outside. (The judges are still deliberating as to whether that meant J won the fifth match, or if it is considered a draw.)

I returned home to find LO still "helping" Daddy, sans coverings for his nether limbs. (That's LO, of course. J was still enpantsed.)

I also came bearing a gift for the young man. In the hopes that LO may once again show some sort of inclination towards using the potty, I bought him the following five-pack of big boy underpants:
When presented with this gift, LO was gratified and excited. First, he carried the pack of underwear around for a few minutes, simply pleased to know that they were his, all his. Then, once he realized that he could open the pack he was thrilled to pull out each pair in turn. He attempted to put on the Superman underwear, since it was clear to the child that these strange new pieces of fabric were in actuality some sort of garment, but he was a little unclear as to how they worked--which resulted in his arms going through the leg holes.

After Daddy and Mama had a good laugh at LO's first attempt, he abandoned his new superhero personae for a few hours.

Keep in mind, the child has been without pants now since 11:00 this morning.

Around 4:30, as I was clearing up the living room, LO watched with interest as I started folding up the new underpants. I held out the Superman Underoos, and asked if he would like to try them on.

"Indeed!" he said, and held out one shod foot at a time for me to place the underwear over. Proud of his new duds, LO immediately went outside, where J was washing his motorcycle, to show off.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is how this happened:

I guess even LO recognizes that the Man of Steel wears his underwear on the outside.


  1. I spent the last night with a three-year-old potty-training boy. They're a special breed, glad you can laugh about it.

    I'm glad you're back to writing here again!