Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Viking Re-Enactors

The other day, J was reminiscing about the parents of a childhood friend of his. He is Facebook friends with the son, but he was wondering what had happened to the mom and dad. The following is a rough transcript of our conversation:

J: His parents were really fun and cool. They took me camping several times and took me with them on a trip to New York.

Me, not really listening: Uh-huh.

J: They were Viking Re-enactors and made all of their own costumes...

(At this point, J continued talking but I have no idea what he said because my jaw was on the floor).

Me, interrupting: Hold up. Go back. They were what kind of re-enactors?

J: Viking.

Me: Like with horns on their helmets and stuff?

J, dead serious: No. Vikings didn't wear horns on their helmets.

Me: You're telling me there are people out there who actually re-enact Viking events?

J: Yes.

Me: So Viking re-enactors is a thing?

J: Yes.

Me: How is it possible that I have known you for over ten years, and the words "Viking re-enactors" has never once passed your lips? I'd swear to G-d you were making this up, but I can't imagine why you would.

J: I'm not making anything up. There is a big re-enactor gathering at Jamestown every year, that includes all the different historical re-enactors. I guess the Vikings are the oldest [blogger's note: they are not], but everyone just camps there and lives like their particular time period.


Yes, apparently there is no statute of limitations on either re-enactable historical time periods, or on one's husband surprising you to the point where you're wondering if he could have possibly orchestrated the most elaborate leg-pull in the history of gullibility.

Then again, he probably couldn't, because this exists:
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