Monday, June 1, 2015

Emily! So Nice to See You Again

Last Tuesday, LO and BB attended the same childcare facility for the first time. They are now both going to Montessori five days per week.

I feel reborn.

That same week, I managed to actually accomplish the following things:
  1. J and I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road 
  2. I decided that if we ever have a daughter, she will be named Furiosa. (This may or may not be related to item 1.)
  3. I ran five miles two days in a row.
  4. I completed five articles well within their deadlines.
  5. I got some cavities filled. (Not a fun or a good thing, but this was also on a day I also wrote a long and complex article, so yay for that. Or more accurately/numbly, aaay bor dat.)
  6. I started on a major project for Temple Israel. (I will be taking over as financial secretary.)
  7. I reorganized our filing cabinet, which I have been planning on doing since long before BB was born. (This may or may not be related to item 6.)
  8. I stayed up past 10 pm four nights in a row.
  9. I felt like myself.
I've really missed me.

Being sleep-deprived and time-scarce really took a toll. I spent much of the last winter just trying to get from morning to evening without actually looking forward to anything. I would procrastinate terribly when it was time to pick up the boys, because I knew I would be in the car for 45 minutes and then I'd have to wrangle children and hungry pets at the end of it all. I just was.

Now, BB is sleeping through the night more often than he is not.

We have found a babysitter who is auditioning for the role of real-life Mary Poppins and J and I are able to spend time together watching spiked/armored cars explode and old women kick ass and take names. (Seriously, even though I have never had any interest in learning to ride a motorcycle, I am now thinking about it so I can be like the Vuvalini.)

And the boys are together at a wonderful school for seven hours each day, and picking them up takes all of 20 minutes--if we can't find someone's lunch box.

Yes, I understood intellectually that the really hard part of sleep-deprived/time-scarce babyhood had an end-date, but I still forgot to feel it. It seemed as though I would never get back to myself again.

It's been long enough that this energetic person who jumps out of bed excited for the day feels kind of new--but she's really an old friend. I'm so glad to see her again.

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