Friday, September 11, 2015

Picture Day

Yesterday was picture day at the boys' school.

Pictured: LO's 2013 photo disaster
I have long since given up on trying to dress the children up for their school pictures, as you can see from LO's terrible 2013 photo shoot. (To be fair, I gave birth that day, but still).

However, J and I hoped that the kids could at least have better hair this year. To that end, we got out the comb before school and ran it through both kids' hair.

BB, ever happy to enjoy a new experience, submitted to the combing with good grace and pleasure. He even tried combing his own hair, with the non-toothed edge of the comb, in solidarity.

LO, on the other hand, wanted only to snuggle with me. In an attempt to get him to sit up so we could complete the minimal photo prep, I told him, "LO, please sit up! We need to make you beautiful and handsome."

LO snuggled even closer and shouted "No! I don't want to be beautiful!"

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