Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Still Not Used to Boys

"This is the picture you're going to show my high school girlfriends, isn't it?"

Last night, LO was quite excited to take his evening bath. He stood leaning against the edge of the tub watching the water flow into the bath while I undressed him. I took off his diaper and grabbed a wash cloth from behind me.

When I turned back around, LO was draining the old lizard against the tub. Apparently, boys are able to pee standing up even before they are able to walk.

I would be horrified at the baby peeing on my clean bathroom floor except for three facts:

1. Urine is sterile.
2. The cat has done the exact same thing on the exact same spot. (Maybe LO smelled an old spot and was trying to mark his territory. "This is MY house!")
3. Floor cleaning is one of my lesser housekeeping skills, which is saying something considering how I am not exactly renowned for my ability to keep a house tidy and clean.

Since we are no longer using paper towels, I had the next problem of figuring out how the heck to mop up the puddle. (This is why we should revisit the "no paper towels" rule.) Luckily, J pointed out that the (still clean) diaper was available for use as cleanup.

LO, for his part, simply splashed happily in the bath and made no offer to help clean up.



  1. I live in Japan and we rarely use paper towels. We have designated floor rags (zokin) that are made with old hand towels, folded double or triple and sewn. But I don't sew, so I buy them at the 100 yen shop. Anyway, very useful for wiping spills, rinse and put in the laundry. Or skip the rinse if the spill isn't too yucky. We also have small towels (fookin) for wiping table spills, sticky fingers and faces. Plus everyone carries pocket towels or handkerchiefs because there are no paper towels in public (including school) restrooms. Speaking of yucky, my baby is teething and has a head cold. How much facial fluid can one baby generate?

  2. @Xana, thanks for the comment! My worry about designated floor rags is that my husband tends to grab whatever is closest so I have visions of him using floor rags for cleaning dishes. (Although I have seen him use dish towels to mop up spills on the floor, so I guess I wouldn't be in any different position than I am already).

    I hear you on the head cold/teething/good heavens what is that coming out of the baby? angst. LO has certainly gone through that.