Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Quiet...Too Quiet

"Never underestimate the importance of dental hygiene!"

On Saturday, LO's friend Baby S came by for another visit. In addition to the usual squabbles over toys, there were a few moments of true baby communion, which are always gratifying to see. The first came when they found that the cacophony they were each capable of creating while playing with LO's xylophone was DOUBLED by working percussively together. This, of course, led to a parent wishing they would find a quiet game to play together.

I should know better than that by now. Always be careful what you wish for. Later in the afternoon, I was folding laundry, J was checking his email, and the babies were each wandering around the house with some sort of rolling toy. After a moment, I realized that the kids were out of sight and that it was awfully quiet. I know that no good can come of that, so I asked J to check on the chicklets.

J found them in the bathroom. They had closed themselves in, searched through the drawers, and were standing around brushing their teeth when J walked in on them.

I guess we've done a good job of impressing upon our children the importance of dental care.


  1. Too funny! Are you sure they were actually brushing, or were they just eating the toothpaste? My little one went through a whole tube of baby toothpaste one day. Thank goodness it doesn't have fluoride in it!

  2. Actually, they just had dry toothbrushes. The baby toothpaste was in my makeup kit, which they didn't open. Apparently, my over-dramatizing the joy of brushing has been working.