Friday, May 25, 2012

The Stinker

This is hardly the first time I've mentioned or noticed this, but LO seems to have rather decided opinions on things.  Some ways in which LO has recently made his feelings known:

1.  At daycare earlier this week, one of the ladies unwrapped the cheese stick I had included with his lunch and placed it on his high chair tray.  Cheese, it seems, is no longer on LO's list of approved foods.  (This list includes [and is limited to] applesauce, hummus, Wheat Thins, yogurt, raisins, bread, and certain types of melon if he's feeling particularly peckish). 

LO laughed merrily at the idea of him eating the string cheese and then threw it on the floor.

2.  On Tuesday evening, LO and I had dinner with our friends Rick, Carla, and Baby S.  (To be more specific, I ate a delicious dinner, and LO ate his weight in bread.)  After dinner, LO indicated that he was interested in a post-prandial drink from Mama.  As per usual, I told him no nursing and tried to distract him.

He tried again once we'd moved into the living room.  I suspect he thought "different chair, different rules."  Again, I gently told him no dice.

LO then grabbed my hand and indicated that he would like me to go for a walk with him.  I was so pleased that he'd dropped the whole nursing thing that I went with him.  He led me to Baby S's room and pointed at her glider chair.  As if to say, "if it's privacy you want for nursing, I'm flexible, Mom."

3. Yesterday morning, after (I believed) breakfast was over, I heard LO rummaging around in the closet in the dining room.  Assuming he was helping himself to the dog food, I didn't investigate.  (The kid needs to get protein from somewhere.)  A moment later, LO walked proudly into the living room, holding aloft the six-pack of individual applesauce cups that I was storing in that closet.  I don't know how he reached them.

Apparently, LO does not feel the need to verbalize his wants.  I just need to keep the things he desires on low enough shelves, and he'll help himself.

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