Friday, May 11, 2012

When the Cat's Away

J has been out of town on a business trip since Sunday night.  While I tried to keep LO's schedule/routine somewhat the same while flying solo, I found after some time that I was unable to maintain our usual standards.  (And by some time, I mean about 40 minutes after J drove off).

Here is what happens when the co-parent goes out of town:

1.  "You want Doritos for dinner?  Okay by me!"
2.   At about 3:30 in the afternoon, you start wondering when you could start the bedtime routine.  Will 3:45 be too early?
3.  The child watches wall-to-wall Shrek, Curious George, Wall-e, Sesame Street and The Daily Show.  Any semblance of TV limitation goes out the window.
4.  "Weaning?  What weaning?"  (What nobody tells moms who struggle with breastfeeding early on is that it will become the lazy mom's method of handling pretty much anything.  This is how you get Time covers with a 26 year old mother nursing her 3 year old.  Because saying no when you've got another 72 hours between you and Daddy getting home is the way madness lies).
5.  "Weren't you wearing that shirt/pants combo on Tuesday?  Wait, what day is it?  Here, let me do the sniff test."

J will arrive home this afternoon.  Unfortunately, he has had a long and arduous week himself, so I will be unable to pass LO off to him and take a nap, like I'd like.  Instead, I think we'll all sit down to a family meal together for the first time since last weekend.

I'll probably be serving Doritos.

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