Sunday, July 22, 2012

Further Proof That We're In For It

After LO recently handed me a diaper to indicate he was ready for a change, I've been doing a little reading into potty training.  (Or as my sister-in-law put it "You have like 17 million potty training books in this house!")

I understand from my reading that potty training strikes fear in the heart of so many parents because it is rife with opportunities for power-struggles.  Toddlers have very little control over their worlds, and thus, having control over this particular aspect of their day-to-day life must feel very heady, indeed.

Since I recognize that my son is cut from the same cloth as me (that is, Hard-Headed, Mulish, and Obdurate), I want to make sure that we do not start a power-struggle in this particular arena, or else we may still be diapering a teenager as he heads off to college.  So, I simply purchased a potty and let it hang out in the bathroom for a few weeks.

Yesterday, while I was cleaning the bathroom (and LO supervised), I opened the lid to the potty and invited LO to take a seat.  "That's your potty," I enthused.  "It's just your size!  Would you like to sit down on it for a moment?"

LO looked carefully at me, then at the potty.  Very deliberately, he reached over, closed the lid, and walked out of the bathroom, with nary a glance backwards.

LO: 1, Potty Training Parent: -10

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