Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is That a Diaper in Your Pocketbook, Or...?

A friend once told me that he treats a bare baby bottom like a loaded gun: always remember that it could go off at any moment.

This means that I have been playing a form of toddler Russian roulette recently.

When heading out for any number of outings, from a quick run to the grocery store to an entire afternoon of errands, I have been forgoing the entire diaper bag and simply placing a single diaper in my purse.

I recognize that I'm playing with fire here.  More often than not, I have just the diaper and nary a wipe to my name.  I have no replacement clothes, no changing pad, no plastic trash baggy.  I am living on the edge!

The issue is that babies have a remarkable number of accessories (each sold separately!).  After multiple outings wherein the imprint of the diaper bag strap remained on my shoulder for a good week afterward, I started looking for ways to reduce weight.  Since I already have something of a Mom purse (containing napkins, baggies of cheerios, bottles of aspirin, various electronic devices and their power cords, two to three board books, multiple toy cars, and a wallet with at least one dollar bill in it, in case of an emergency), it seemed simpler to just add the diaper to the purse.

Simpler, but perhaps not wiser.  There is only one public diaper blowout standing between me and the decision to start carting LO's changing table and potty with me wherever I go, including into the backyard.

But for now, I will continue to court diaper disaster.  After all, I live for danger.


  1. This is just a nartural evolution. Natures way of saying your child is closer to being diaper free than you think. I think most of us tire of doting that bag around.

  2. We cloth diapered, and the downside was that they were very bulky and you couldn't just throw the dirty ones away. That meant that until a couple weeks ago (about 3 months into potty training), we had to take a full diaper bag everywhere. Now that my girls are almost completely trained, we still take a potty chair, extra undies, wipes, and extra clothes with us, but those things stay in the car. I can't wait until they get over their fear of a normal sized toilet, so we can stop carrying the potty chair to and from the car all the time!

  3. Yes, I know the feeling! These kits are great for this problem, they have diapers/wipes/change of clothing inside, for all diaper sizes and even potty training. www.diaperbagdailies.com
    Be safe out there ;)

  4. I would stock the diaper bag for the week with wipes, diapers, change of clothes etc and then just leave it in the car. If I was going to a lunch, I would pull out on diaper, the wipes and throw those in my purse and away we would go. I knew that I had what I needed in case of a blowout in the car so I felt pretty secure. After the first month, I just couldn't car that bag around with me everywhere I went.