Monday, April 28, 2014

This was my morning

  1. LO woke up having wet the bed. Of course, the mattress pad that we bought to protect said bed was still in the wash, meaning I have a day of urine-smell removal in store for me.
  2. I discovered at 9:15 that the 5 ounces of breastmilk in the refrigerator had gone to the dark side. I take BB to the Y daycare at 10. I had just fed him.
  3. I was able to just barely pump 2.5 ounces over nearly 45 minutes while juggling a screeching baby.
  4. I dropped the container of milk on the kitchen floor and it spilled everywhere. Yes, that was the only breast milk in the house.
  5. Crying intermission.
  6. I mashed up bananas and grabbed applesauce for BB to eat at daycare, got the kid dressed, and headed to the Y, thinking I could at least go for a quick run at the Y, nurse the kid, then get to an appointment I have at 11.
  7. I then realized it was 10:10 am, and the run/workout was NOT going to happen, which completely threw off my "workout, nurse the kid, then appointment" plan.
  8. Crying intermission.
  9. Got in the car and realized my gas light had come on. 
  10. I dropped BB off, explained the situation, and told them I'd be back after my 11 am appointment to nurse him, and hopefully that will be enough to get him to 3:00 so I can continue to de-urine LO's bed and maybe get a little paid work done and de-chaos at least one square foot of the house.
  11. Decided to come home for a shower before my appointment, since it was only 10:30, then remembered the gas light. Filled up the car, came home, and realized that I had just enough time to put together this list and leave again and that there would be no shower for sad-pants no-run Emily.
At this point, it's time for either
a. chocolate
b. liquor or
c. all of the above in some sort of alcoholic milkshake.

Since I still have to drive to pick up both LO and BB later this afternoon, I'm going to have to settle for a nap.

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