Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little things that I love

About LO:

He tells me, "I want to sit this lap" when he wants to get on my lap. Of all the laps in all the world, he wants to sit this one

LO never really took to a comfort object. Instead, I'm his comfort object. He puts his hand on my chest, just below my neck, and snuggles with me when he is sad or hurt. To let me know that he wants to do this, he'll point at my chest and say "I want this one."

Once, when BB was crying, LO came over to us and took the baby's hand and placed it on his own chest, the same way he puts his hand on my chest.

LO has been working on putting his shoes on by himself lately. Not only does he ALWAYS put the shoes on the wrong feet, but he also feels it necessary for one of his shoes to have the tongue hanging out outside of the straps, while the other one is strapped on more traditionally.

He has taken after my singing, which is at best a mixed blessing. I am constantly scatting my way through the music in my head, breaking out into song for no reason. LO has started tunelessly stating "Doo de doo de doo" all through the day. Considering the fact that he doo-de-doos in the same tone that you would ask about the weather, it took me nearly a week of this to realize that he's "singing."

LO also seems to recognize the tunes that most strike me. I have been listening to (and singing) the old Yiddish song Tumbalalaika, only to have the young man belt out "Tunala-tunala-tunaliba!" after hearing it from me.

About BB:

J and I know that BB is most probably our last baby. As such, it's been a little bittersweet watching him grow so durn quickly. Anytime I see evidence that my baby will not be a baby for long, I've had a quiet moment of loss...Except for when BB suddenly sprouted a tooth. I found myself cheering the tooth (and the second one that followed quickly behind). "Yay, BB! You're getting teeth!"

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, LO takes the bus to his preschool, and is dropped off at home at around noon. Lately, since the weather's been nice, I've been bringing BB with me to get LO off the bus. (Over the winter, I left BB chilling in the house while I ran quickly from front stoop to bus and back again). Every time BB sees LO climbing down from the bus, he breaks out in a huge, sun-parting-the-clouds grin.

The way BB lays his heavy head against my chest (this one).

How much the little man giggles when his Daddy plays peekaboo with him or throws him up in the air.

I know all babies have soft skin, but there's something about BB's skin in particular. I'd say it's like butter, but that doesn't do his skin justice. The only thing I've ever experienced that is close to the feeling of sweet softness of BB's skin is when I petted sting rays in Saint Thomas. It's incredible.

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