Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LO's Unusual Lovey

Many children have a stuffed animal or blanket that they take with them to bed. I myself had a blankie and a quiltie when I was growing up, and I have wondered sometimes what LO would choose to be his lovey.

Well, it took nearly three years, but LO has finally found a comfort object that he wants clutched in his hands as he falls asleep.

Now, despite the fact that LO had all of these sweet and soft loveys to choose from:

Mooford, the playtime dress up pal

The nimble mountain goat
Frank, the Creature From the Black Lagoon
LO has chosen the following ridiculous object as his sleepy time friend:

That, my friends, is a section of J's new motorcycle chain. LO was helping J to install said chain, which needed to be shortened, so J gave LO the extra section.

LO has been so enamored of his new toy that he leaves it on his night stand, and insists on holding it as he falls asleep each night (meaning a certain unnamed member of this household has to pry it out of the young man's sleepy and clenched hands once he drops off each night in order to be sure the ridiculous comfort object does not hurt him while he sleeps).

J, of course, could not be more pleased.

The motorcycle chain could not be reached for a comment.

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