Friday, July 18, 2014

Like Moths to a Flame

On Wednesday, LO had his second ever dentist appointment.

We had a quite a difficult time convincing the young man to sit in the exam chair and let the dentist count his teeth. (We're still not quite ready for a cleaning.)

To reward the young man for doing an excellent job of not biting anyone, the nurse filled up a yellow helium balloon for him, and tied it to his wrist. He was delighted, and looked a little something like this:

LO and I then headed to the Y to pick up BB.

The balloon, of course, was still tied to LO's wrist. It followed him like a bright yellow piece of rubber that has been filled with helium and tied to a child's wrist. (Sorry, I'm a little too tired to come up with an actual simile.)

The babies in the baby room at the Y daycare were enchanted. Babes-in-arms all swiveled their heads to watch the progress of helium-filled joy. Those that could walk drifted, zombie-like, toward the magical balloon.

There was something slightly threatening about it all.

The babies made a circle around LO--who was unconcerned and watching his balloon bob in the air conditioning.

I grabbed BB and hustled LO and his magnetic balloon away from the children, who looked like they were going to start getting grabby.

I'm glad to report that it had lost its helium--and its intense power over otherwise innocent children--by the next day.

Next visit, I'm asking for a sugar-free lollipop for LO.

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