Thursday, July 10, 2014


Back in April, when LO and BB's Little Cousin (who is actually bigger than BB, but that's what happens when I come up with nicknames before all the heads are counted) was visiting, we were introduced to the show Peep and the Big Wide World.

This show features Peep the Chicken, Chirp the Bird, and most importantly to LO, Quack the Duck.

You see, Quack is quite the comic relief in this little show. Bombastic, egotistical, and possessing of a truly funny walk, Quack appears to our young LO to be the star of the show.

Soon after discovering this as his new favorite program, LO started introducing himself as Quack to anyone and everyone he meets. When I call him by his given name, he'll tell me "My name's not LO. It's Quack!"

When going to bed at night, after wishing us good night, LO (err, I mean Quack) will immediately start fake snoring, finishing with a muttered "quack quack quack" as his favorite purple duck does when he sleeps.

But although being Quack has offered many an opportunity for unintentional hilarity for LO, my favorite Quack moment occurred last week, while we were on vacation on Mackinac Island. Our hotel room overlooked the pool, and one afternoon we were putting BB down for a nap while LO sat in a chair at the window watching the goings-on at the pool.

That particular afternoon, there were only two pool denizens: a couple of pretty young ladies in their late teens or early twenties. They noticed LO watching them, so they trilled out "Hi-ii!" in a the flirtatious way that pretty young girls will often talk to children.

"Quack," LO replied.

I've got a way with the ladies....

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