Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet Me in St Louis

Earlier this winter, I was approached by St. Louis-based The Chad Slagle Show about doing a phone-interview guest spot for their television show.

I happen to know that St. Louis is a mere four-hour drive away, so I offered to come do the spot on the air.

"Uh," was their first response. "Do you really want to drive all that way for a 15 minute interview?"

Why yes, yes I did.

Not only would this provide me a media clip, but it also meant that I could go to St. Louis and indulge my love of barbecue and giant arches.

Also, the kids thought it was the bees' knees.

I'll post my clip (provided I don't discover that I had spinach in my teeth) once I get it from the nice folks at The Chad Slagle Show (both of whom are named Chad).

Until then, here are some pictures of our adventures:

At the St. Louis Zoo:

It's true: Hippos are assholes.

At the City Museum:
I'm not sure about this.
Seriously, Mom, this is sketchy.

At the Arch:
My favorite thing about this is the fact that they took our photo in front of a bare concrete wall. Of course, then I bought the concrete wall photo for 22 bucks, because I am a finance expert.
At a random local playground near our AirBnB rental:

That's LO's yo-yo by the way, which he insisted on bringing with us. Anytime I offered to roll up the string and put it in his pocket, he looked at me as if I were crazy.

A good time was had by all.

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