Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lessons Learned on Vacation

J, LO and I just returned from a week in sunny Norfolk, Virginia, home of Auntie Tracie and Uncle Dave and lots and lots of mermaid statues. While I will be posting more about the particulars of the trip throughout the week, I'll start with some of the important lessons that traveling with a 10 month old will teach you:

1. No matter how inauspicious the conditions, if the child is tired enough, he will sleep.
2. No matter how good the conditions are, if the child is determined stay awake for fear of missing something interesting on vacation, the child will NOT sleep.
3. This child will eat ANYthing. By this, I do not mean the usual "Oh, dear G-d, he's got a handful of crickets and he's shoving them in his mouth!" I mean "Oh, so you want some salmon? Okay. Wow. You really like salmon." And "Are you sure you want salsa? All right. Wow. You really like salsa. You're licking the bowl."
4. 6:30 really is a reasonable bedtime.
5. J should always put on a shirt before picking up LO, because the pincer grip plus chest hair equals me wishing I'd had a camera.

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