Wednesday, February 1, 2012


LO has been showing off his bipedal abilities lately:

Unfortunately, I'm finding that LO is somewhat Hobbit-like in his walking. Barefoot is the only way he rolls. The moment he feels a sock on his foot, it is removed because otherwise he slips around like Bambi on the ice. In the hopes that LO might eventually walk in public, giving my tired arms a rest, I bought the child some brand new shoes. They're adorable and they have racecars on the treads. Unfortunately, this about represents LO's ability to walk in them:

The child's going to grow up to be a barefoot hippie, isn't he?


  1. Awww, barefoot walking is a-ok around Seattle. :)

  2. J and I were wondering about that. We're going to Seattle for our vacation in July, and our last big vacation spot (San Francisco) featured quite a few barefoot-in-public individuals.

  3. Agador Spartacus, brilliant character. Him and Nathan Lane made that movie.