Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The LO Stamp of Approval

LO is a young man of strong opinions. He wants to be certain that you (and everyone within earshot) knows how he feels about things. So, without further ado, here is a list of things that have lately gotten LO's approval:

1. Matza with peanut butter
2. Craisins
3. Playing on the computer
4. Slides
5. Going for a walk (He'll actually bring his jacket and shoes to me as his indication that he's ready. I'm looking forward to when he can say "Let's go for a walk" because this behavior kind of reminds me of having a remarkably intelligent dog).
6. Barking dogs
7. Mama's singing (He's alone in this particular opinion).
8. Going up stairs
9. Coming down stairs
10. Horseradish hummus.

And of course, I feel I would be negligent if I did not mention his recent (and vehement) dislikes:

1. Fruit when not in craisin, apple sauce, or smoothie form. (This was not the case as of 3 weeks ago, so I'm hoping it's a passing abhorrence of all things fruit).
2. The pool at the Y (He screamed during the entire first swim lesson. I was that parent).
3. Not getting what he wants, particularly if it's one of the above 10 items.
4. Having his face wiped.
5. Getting a bath. (I suspect his aversion to swimming came from the fact that he was in an Olympic-sized bath tub).
6. When Mama turns her back to him because theoretically we're night weaning, but the screaming that results from this generally means that Mama gives in, which means we're in for a long slow road.
7. Receiving a sippy cup full of water rather than one with apple juice. (Ooh, this one makes him really mad.)
8. Being in a car for more than 4 hours.
9. Being dropped off at the Y daycare, even though he's fine as soon as I'm out of sight.
10. Jalapenos.

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  1. I'm with him on being in the car more than four hours!